Who are we?

Supporter We are a Citizen Advocacy project based in South Wales currently working in Caerphilly County Borough; we were established in 1992 and since then our sole aim has been to ensure that people who have a learning disability have an opportunity to live a full and valued life within their own community.

What is Citizen Advocacy?

Citizen Advocacy is a long-term one to one relationship between a person who has a learning disability (Partner) and a volunteer member of the community (Citizen Advocate).

Personalisation Aspirations

People with a learning disability can often become socially isolated and extremely vulnerable.

The Advocate's role is to assist their Partner to stand up for their rights and to make sure that their voice is heard.

What does Person to Person Citizen Advocacy do?

The project has two main aims:

    Community Life
  • To identify individuals who have a learning disability who are socially isolated and disadvantaged and who may benefit greatly from the support of a Citizen Advocate.
  • To recruit and train volunteers from the local community to become Citizen Advocates, matching Advocates to suitable Partners and providing continued support for the partnerships.