These are people with a learning disability who have few, if any links, with friends or relatives in their community and who may have additional needs because:

  • they have no supportive relationships and are socially isolated;
  • they are being challenged by a life threatening activity or situation;
  • they are receiving a service which is diminishing their opportunities for personal growth;
  • there is evidence to suggest that an individual is being ill-treated or abused;

Citizen Advocates

These are ordinary members of the local community who vary greatly in their skills and experiences.

The one thing they have in common is a willingness to enter into a long-term relationship with a person who has a learning disability.

Advocates come from all walks of life and can represent a wide range of cultures.

Advocates do not require formal qualifications or any particular prior experience.

Things an Advocate might do:

  • help their Partner to express their views in meetings or generally with other people;
  • help their Partners in problem solving;
  • help their Partner to make choices that benefit them;
  • support their Partner in meeting new people and getting out into their community;
  • help their Partner access support to which they are entitled.

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